11 ways to make money online fast!

Make Money Online

11 ways to make money online fast!

Nowadays we are seeing an uprising of blogs online that claim to show you how to make money online. So, which blog should you be reading while learning to make money online?


You have the potential to make money online. [/caption]I am about to walk you through some very useful resources to make money online fast, easy and today!

Make Some Fast Cash!

We will start with an over looked gem in my eyes, Coinbase and their Earn Drop program. Coin base is one of the most known cryptocurrency wallets online today and readily available to anyone with a computer, laptop, tablet or a cell phone.

Coinbase is not just a secure place for you to store your crypto. They also want you to learn about the cryptocurrencies they have readily available for you to trade and purchase. Coinbase is constantly adding new and upcoming crypto to their wallet.

Coinbase at the time of writing this has six open earn drop programs available that they will pay you up to $126 just for watching a short video to learn about a crypto currency and then answer a quick multiple choice question about the video you just watched.

I know I was a bit skeptical about this when I found it, but after earning over $140 at the time I found it and that cashed it all out into USD right into my Chase Checking account I became a believer in the value of crypto.

Now, before you get started claiming the money listed below be sure to sigm up for your free account first.

Coinbase Earn Drop.

Coinbase Sign upWhen you sign up using our link you will receice an extra $10 after you buy or sell $100 of BitCoin.

EOS Earn Drop. With the EOS earn drop you can earn up to $50 USD worth of EOS by watching the videos and answering simple multiple choice questions.

BAT Earn Drop. BAT is short for Brave Authentication Token. Brave aims to rid the internet of all the junk ads that no one wants to deal with and to stop sites from tracking you. They aim to preserve your privacy and they even have their own web browser which currently has over 8.4 million users (including myself) and growing fast.

DAI Earn Drop. Dai is a stablecoin that aims to be worth exactly one USD and has help up to its own standars since it launched. you will earn up to $20 USD worth of DAI with this earn drop.

XLM Earn Drop. XLM is by far still till this day my favorite cryotocurrency right next to XRP however that is another topic for another day, but witb XLM Earn Drop you will earn up to $50 USD worth of XLM.

XTZ Earn Drop. Tezos is a cryptocurrency and blockchain designed for safety, open participation, and upgradeability. Learn how it works and you’ll earn up to $6 worth of XTZ.

Now since you are already signed up with Coinbase all you need to do is the EOS Earn Drop link above or here and once it loads you will see a button appear that says Join Earn Drop.

Next you will be prompted to verify your identity. I provided a picture of the front and back side of my drivers license however any form of picture ID you have will suffice.

Next after you have finished the above Earn Drops I reccomend that you trade all of your crypto into BitCoin and then sell for USD. you will need to link your bank account in order to transfer the cash into your account.

Free Stocks, Free Money! 

Now moving on to the next way to make some money online fast, which will actually take 30 days before you are able to cash out. That’s not such a bad thing when you are talking about making money online for absolutely nothing in return.

Robinhood. is a stock market app that you can download on your phone, tablet or use on your computer. They offer members who sign up using the link I have provided you with a free stock. The free stock can range in value from $5 USD up to $300 USD After you sign up you will become eligible to imvite your friends and family to get even more stocks.or just wait 30 days and cash out straight to your bank account.

Webull. Just like with robinhood you get a free stock for signing up with the link provided which ranges in value from $5 USD and up.

NVSTR Nvstr (pronounced “Investor”) is a modern investing platform designed by ex-hedge fund guys to make smart investing simple. Today’s online and app-based brokerages are still patterned after pioneers from the 1990s. Nvstr is different. It empowers you to invest better with the collective experience of people you trust and the community. Nvstr’s technology also helps you optimally diversify your portfolio in a click. It’s based on independent Nobel Prize winning research – it’s the world’s first brokerage with this technology. Right now they’re giving people up to $1,000 free cash to invest when you join (selected at random, but you’re guaranteed at least $8).

Become A Freelancer! 

Now moving on to different territory where you can bid on projects and get paid for doing various task from Data Entry, Advertising and Marketing plus different random work from home jobs.

Freelancer Sign up and get started bidding on different projects. The free membership will give you 20 free bids per month, so be sure to use them wisely.

Mining Crypto, Make Money Online! 

Now we are going to take a step back into the world of crypto. Crypto Mining is a legitimate and easy way of making money online. It may not be a fast a way but if you keep tabs on it you will be making some decent money within 30 to 60 days.

Server Mining This is an app for your phone only, it is safe to use and has a user friendly interface. You may be prompted to enter your referrals code in which case here it is. “NISGRGDN” Happy mining!

Free Litecoin this is an easy to use app that will give you free LiteCoin. You can watch the video on YouTube that I made for the Free BCH app for a demo on how this app works or you can download and start earning free Litecoin. They pay out every Tuesday directly to your wallet. I use Coinbase for mine!

Free BCH check out this YouTube video about Free BCH to see the app and how easy it is to claim. this app pays out every Monday.

ABRA is another wallet app like Coinbase but the reason I have it listed in this post is because of the $25 bonus. now for this one you will have to fund the account with $5 using a checking account or debit card before you get the $25 from ABRA

CRYPTO is another wallet that offers a sign up bonus of $50 USD worth of MCO however you do have certain requirements to unlock the sign up bonus, but why not? You get another $50 USD for doing so.

CoinNess: is basically a news source in the crypto world. You sign up an they give you free CNNS which are traded on open exchanges in the crypyo world. They give give you 2 free CNNS once a day for sharing trending stories that interest you from their app. I use this app daily myself, I believe with the vision they have that CNNS will be worth a decent amount in the future to come.

Brave Rewards When using the Brave Rewards browser you are securing your privacy and keeping sites from tracking you. You can opt in for AD notifications from Brave and they will credit you BAT for doing so. I personally use the Brave Browser on my cell phone, tablet and laptop. I highly recommend it.

Final Thoughts.

There are so much more sites and applications I can recommend that I would be going on for days. I can personally say that I have in fact actually made money from everything listed above.

I know first hand that learning how to make money online fast can be a struggle which is why I started this blog to help people like us in pursuit of making money online.

I mostly prefer no cost ways to do so. However I did list one above that requires $5 to start but you come out with an extra $25 plus your $5 so that is worth it for me to mention to you.

If at any time you have any questions feel free to comment and ask away. I am here to help you! Now you have some resources to start making money online right away fast, easy and today! God bless and thanks for the tips. 

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