Binance? Should You Try Them? $15 Free! Why Not?


Binance? Should You Try Them? $15 Free! Why Not?

I am always looking to find the next best program that is currently launching and most of the time I hit the nail on the head. I know most of you who are not new to the crypto market have heard of Binance. Binance in an attempt to gain more users has started offering a $15 bonus to customers whom sign up and do a KYC (Keep Your Credentials) in order to verify your account.

The first time I checked out Binance they did not accept USA customers at that moment in time. I had never until recently had an opportunity to use Binance until recently so with the $15 Free Sign Up Bonus from Binance I had to give them a go. They are speaking the language of Crypto Crash and my Followers, FREE!

I am a fan of new exchanges. I like to check them out and see what they offer to entice people like myself. I have always been a major fan of Coinbase, especially considering that they often host Free Crypto Giveaways a.ka Crypto Earndrops or Airdrops. They too have a similar sign up bonus however we won’t get into that in this article. We want the spot light to stay with Binance.

Binance is the home of the BNB Token in which they use on their own Crypto Exchange. They currently burn so many BNB per quarter to raise the value of the BNB for BNB holders. That is another good reason to give Binance a second glance in my opinion. They promote that they do have high security standards. However if my memory serves me correctly they too have been hacked and suffered a major loss during the attack.

However with that being said, it obviously didn’t hurt business any for them. They are after all giving away the $15 sign up bonus right now whenever you verify your KYC. Binance also host a lot of crypto coins. The community is a friendly group. I really can’t say much more about Binance and the features they currently offer. The layout and design of the site is rather nice and easy to use. 

The functionality of the application they have gets an A+ in my book. I am hard to please with an app of any nature however they have spent the time and resources to deliver a very nice, well programmed and user friends app. That says a whole lot about an exchange these days.

Please keep in mind you will need to use our promotional link to qualify for the $15 sign up bonus from Binance. Once you have signed up with your email address you will then need to proceed to account settings and update they KYC portion of your account. Which involves you uploading a front and back picture of your ID, Drivers License or Pass Port.

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