Bitcoin Down Almost $2,000.00 USD What is going on?

BTC (Bitcoin)

So here we are. February is coming to an end. we seen BTC (Bitcoin) on a steady rise all the way up to $10,522.51 this month alone. Now we are back in the typical BTC trend of fluctuating prices as the normal. What happened? That is a challenging question along with where are we headed from here? I still stick with my initial projections of seeing BTC reach around $50,000 + 

We all have access to the charts. We can all do our own research and see that BTC has continued to steadily grow over time and when we approach an halving we have witnessed BTC have major gains. The lowest I have seen BTC in that past decade was back on April 14th 2017, BTC hit a low 0f .06 cents on the charts. I was at work so it passed me up because had I ever caught BTC that low I would be a almost a Billionaire right now. Unfortunately I missed the gravy train.

We have some major issues going on in our world right now. The most notable issue is current Pandemic Coronavirus that people will be talking about for generations to come and we are only in the beginning of it right now. That Virus has infected a lot more then just the people whom are fighting the virus, the ones whom have lost their lives because of it and the ones who are still to catch the virus and die, God rest their souls. it is very unfortunate that this day and age with all of the technology that we have that a lab would invent such a virus and not take the appropriate measures to ensure it didn’t get released.

What I find horrifying is the fact that anyone would want to create such a virus. However this is the situation that we are in. Financially it has put a ton of pressure on corporate business. The stock markets have seen major losses due to the fact that major distribution countries such as China are trying to stop the further spread of the virus. Companies have suspended business in such areas in attempts to stop the spread which hurts the stock market as well.

With all of the tension mounting from that direction a lot of investors are scared to put money into anything right now without knowing what the future has in store for us all. It is my firm belief that is a major reason we have seen BTC drop down a bit. The other reason being which you should have heard over a thousand times by now. Price Correction. The third reason being we have seen a slight decline in trading activity which is normal.

I can’t really say for a fact what will happen in the future to come. However I think worse case scenario we will still BTC top the all time high of $19,891.99 USD on December 16th of 2017. Worse case scenario we will see it hit above $25,000.00 and fluctuate just below $30,000.00 Like I said that is my worse case scenario with the way everything in the world is going right now. 

 I like to be optimistic about life and I like to think that humanity can overcome anything and move along stronger then before, just like the BTC Market and Community. What do you think will happen? Give us your price predictions below in the comments! Thanks for reading don’t forget to subscribe to our blog. God Bless you!

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