Bitcoin up again? My thoughts, what about you?

BTC (Bitcoin)

Bitcoin is one asset that has been bouncing back and forth recently like a tennis ball on a tennis court.

Bitcoin has been around for some time now, so why does the price jump back and forth so much?

A lot of it has to do with market speculation most people would have you believe. However I would encourage you to believe that it is simply market manipulation.

When you buy into an asset such as bitcoin at $6,500 then it raises up to $7,100 why would you not cash in and then wait for the market to drop again and jump back in with the $7,100 of bitcoin to gain more profit?

The Bitcoin market at most times can be more unstable then the stock market in which I have observed now for years.

The main question I am asking myself right now is where is it headed? Every since I have been involved in Bitcoin I have been tracking trends and patterns in order to understand the bitcoin market better.

I have noticed that during times like this the bitcoin market will brake one way or another. I believe we are on the verge of another barrier breaking year with bitcoin.

Contrary to popular belief that bitcoin had run its course and is drying up like an old used well, that is not the case.

Bitcoin started what we’re seeing today. Imagine life without bitcoin? I would not be writing this. You would not be reading this. Coinbase would not exist, publish0x, ethereum, and many other platforms would cease to exist.

Bitcoin will always be around until the very end. The market will always be bullish with ups and downs. We will continue to see new highs with unexpected dips.

I still stick with my strategy in the bitcoin market as I do with any market. I always buy low and sell high. The easiest way to turn a profit.

Earlier this year we saw bitcoin jump over $10,000 and hold with a steady market fluctuation. We will start to see the same shifts coming shortly.

However I anticipate more danger in the price fluctuations. I predict that we will see bitcoin all over the charts this coming year with room for bigger profits.

What do you think will be the high of bitcoin this year?

let me know your thoughts below in the comments.

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