BTCEXCH Set to Launch in May! Giving Away 1000 Free Tokens.


BTCEXCH Set to Launch in May! Giving Away 1000 Free Tokens.

BTCEXCH Set to Launch in May! Giving Away 1000 Free Tokens.

1000 free crypto tokens btcexch

Today I received an email from HODL talking about a new exchange that is set to launch in May of this year. The exchange will be giving away 1000 of it’s token for signing up while they are in Pre-Launch phase of the ICO scheduled to begin on May 15, 2020

While the exchange hasn’t released a ton of information about the launch I have been able to gain some insights on what is to be expected from exchange launch as far as the look and feel of the site. I can’t really say a whole lot about them yet due to the fact they don’t currently have White Paper listed. The suspense is intriguing however.

btcexch screenshot of layout

They are going to have a price alert for the covered crypto currencies that they will be offering. I have seen this feature a lot in the stock market industry and have not seen it as a common tool among the crypto exchange community. I find it rather useful as I have always used this feature in the stock market. I would like to see more crypto exchanges offer this feature along with a stop-loss and stop-profit.

Btcexch Price alert feature

Below is a list of features that they will have available for the chart features.

btcexch chart features

Below is the sleek layout of the chart they will be using on the site. I can’t really say much about it. The chart is average in my opinion. However I do prefer the dark theme and layout of the site. I am partial to dark themes however I do see this as being a slight downfall for the exchange being as not everyone likes the dark themes.

btcexch graph

I will be making an updated post in the future as more information emerges from the company themselves. I just wanted to go ahead and shed a rather dim light on the exchange while they are in pre-launch and offering a Free 1000 BEX Tokens valued at $100 just for signing up.

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