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Today we are going to discuss crowdfunding and how COCOR plans to improve upon the failures of traditional Crowdfunding by using the block chain to accomplish it. I will be covering the problems that COCOR claims Traditional Crowdfunding has and discussing how they plan to improve it.

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CORCO’s Mission

Founded in 2017, Cocoricos links Project Owners to investors through a secure Security Token Offerings Platform.

The Platform and EGG Token are the pillars of our strategy. Cocoricos’ mission is to foster the development of a global Security Token Offerings Ecosystem that provides full transparency and a stable return on investment.

What Is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding has been a long time source of raising startup capital for projects or business ventures by raising money from a large number of investors.

Crowdfunding can be as risky as it sounds. Investments can fail at any point in time. However Crowdfunding can be highly profitable, if not would it still exist? I doubt it. Crowdfunding is an excellent way to invest in a project before it makes it to the major leagues.

I would have loved to have had a chance to invest in Google, Amazon or even Ebay. That is the beautiful but yet rather scary part about Crowdfunding. You don’t really know what exactly you are going to be investing in beyond the initial sales pitch.

Problems With Traditional Crowdfunding?

  • No Secondary Market – it is impossible to resell your shares peer to peer internationally.
  • Rigid Regulations – The different regulations do not allow flexibility to investors and platforms finding themselves managing cumbersome conditions and documentation.
  • High Capital Requirements – Crowdfunding platforms require a contribution of at least $1,000.00
  • High Legal Fees – Commissions can reach 4% to 12% of the funding obtained by adding legal fees, platform commissions, etc.
  • Lack of Guarantees – If the campaign fails, the funds being centralized, there is no guarantee that reimbursement will take place.
  • Limited Transparency – Transactions,charges and miscellaneous only very rarely brought to the attention of the investor.

The Solution!

P2P (Pee-To-Peer Security Token Offerings Platform.

The Blockchain Industry is struggling for a mainstream attention in the wake of the 2018 crypto price collapse that soured much of the public on the financial technology.

Cocoricosis an innovative blockchain project aiming to setup a new crowdfunding ecosystem removing middlemen and giving access to 1 billion people to Token Offerings.

An Irreplaceable Token

The EGG Token can not be replaced by another Token/Currency. It gives its owners unique incentives within the Cocoricos platform (and on official external platforms accepting the EGG)

All network participants (EGG Owners, Project Investors, Project Owners) that are presented in this White Paper are incentive by Cocoricos around the EGG.

EGG Owner Advantages

  • HODL to generate more EGG – Generate bonuses in EGG by keeping them safe on your wallet, this will help the value grow significantly.
  • Voting Right on Listed Projects – Owning EGG give you the possibility to vote for a project to be listed and give your feedback with a higher trust level.
  • Discounts on Listed Projects – Using the EGG during your investment will give you special and exclusive discounts on Listed Projects.
  • Rewards, Airdrops & Eggdrops – Gamification is in the center of Today’s Economy and in the center of Cocoricos’ strategy to increase Adoption. You will therefore get exclusive rewards from listed Token Offerings, Airdrops and Eggdrops.

You can read more of the White Paper Here.
You can also Sign Up Here

Wrap up.

We have seen the need for block chain protocol to improve upon a vast majority of sectors in the online industries as well as the physical Banking infrastructure and all the way to the Medical sector.

Block Chain has proven itself to be beneficial to the adaption of online resources. In a rather grey area like Crowdfunding online. I can see the benefits of using Crypto to fund a project or a start up.

I can also see the the rather intimidating area in which crypto currencies are currently sitting on a fluctuating scale that is enough to scare away any investor from the world of crypto.

The system that Cocoricos has developed seems to be a way of luring investors with safe alternative to Crowdfunding investment platforms. I don’t really see where they are eliminating the risk. As long as we are talking in terms of Crowdfunding Projects we will never truly know how each investment will play out.

You will always stand to take a loss. That loss may vary in amounts. You also stand to make a substantial profit. I will be investing a bit into the Cocoricos Project and I will be making an updated post on behalf of my experience with it in the coming months ahead.

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