“Does your cell phone pay you? Make money online with your cell phone!”

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“Does your cell phone pay you? Make money online with your cell phone!”

Hello again everyone, today I am going to dabble into the world of making money online with your cellphone. Through out the course of my research I have found several different ways to a little here and there.

Now let me say first and foremost. You will not make a million dollars online with your cellphone. You will make money online with your cellphone but if you are like I am then you probably spend a lot of time looking at your phone. So, why not earn a few dollars here an there while killing some time.

You can make money online with your cellphone from anywhere, some of these applications do not even require much of your time at all. That being said some of these applications are a waste of time in my humble opinion but others claim that they legitimately pay out. So I cover them to be non biased.

I am going to start off in the survey category, fair warning some people will not like most of my descriptions below, but one of these survey applications below will definitely help you make money online with your cellphone. So, without further adue I give you…

1Q: They actually send you questions to your cellphone. You can either use their application or have the questions texted to your phone and answer via text from your phone. I have been holding out the best part for last, 1Q pays you out instantly to your Paypal account. You will receive .25 USD per each question instantly. So you can make money online with your cellphone!


InboxDollars: So, back to what I said by wasting time…in my experience with InboxDollars I earned the intial $5 sign up bonus, yay! No, not really. I have attempted a ton of surveys with inboxdollars. I spend about 15 plus minutes taking surveys only to answer a ton of questions for free then get told at the ebd that I didn’t qualify. Thus has been my experience the entire time.

Now with all that being said. I have read a ton of online blogs that claim they make decent money online with InboxDollars. So, feel free to try it out and please let me know your experience.

SwagBucks: So, with SwagBucks you basically the same earning oppurtunities as with InboxDollars. However SwagBucks gives you? SwagBucks! That you can redeem for gift cards. I haven’t been able to cash out any so far, but alot of people claim that they do everyday. So I say if it does work for you, please let me know.

Alright, I am not going to spend anymore time on paid survey sites because with the exception of 1Q, I just don’t buy that you will make money online with them. Who knows? Maybe it is just me…

Now I am going to get into one of my favorite parts of making money online with your cellphone and that is yet again…. Crypyo! I do love my cryptocurrencies.

SweatCoin: This app will actually count your steps and give you SweatCoins that you can use to get free stuff. Now if you are like me it will take you a long time to get something. However if you are a very active person then, why not?


BitTrue: While you will not earn a ton of money with BitTrue I feel they are worth mentioning in this post to you since they give you free XRP every day just for logging in the the app and pressing rewards and then redeem. I believe in the future that the blockchain XRP runs on will replace the old outdated infrastructures of online banking. That is just my humble opinion. Who knows?

PI: This is yet another mining app that has a fast growing user base of over 1 million miners everday. PI could turn out to be a big deal in the future, all you have to do is press start mining once a day. It truely is that simple.

Pi is a new digital currency being developed by a group of Stanford PhDs. For a limited time, you can join the beta to earn Pi and help grow the network.

Now for this next Crypto earner. I have one question to ask you. How many searches do you do everday? I personally do over 30 each day. That is why my search engine home page belongs to Presearch.

Presearch: Rewards you with .25 of Presearch coins for each search you do. they fund the value of the coins by selling quick 4 second ads to advertisers. I mean, either way you look at it you are going to be seeing a paid ad every search you do. Why should you not get paid for it? That is what Presearch does for you. Just another simple way to make money online with your cellphone.


Now I will introduce one last app before I proceed to submit this blog to you. This is an entertaining game that rewards you with very small amounts of bitcoin. However I enjoy it when I am bored or just need a simple distraction.

BlochChain: I do play this game a bit. I have been using it for some time now. I have not hit the pay out yet. However I am more then familiar with the company behind the game. Enough so that I can guarantee that they will pay you out accodingly.

I hope you enjoy this short list of ways to make money online with your cellphone. I know they may not make you rich but why not cash in on some free cash!

As always, I thank you for reading my post and I also want to thank those that have been sending tips my way. It is very much appreciated. May you have a wonderful day or night and as always God bless an may we all prosper!

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