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Energi NRG EarnDrop Paid: Price Drops, Will it Return?

NRG (Energi)

Energi NRG EarnDrop Paid: Price Drops, Will it Return?

I know alot of you whom are interested in NRG are most likely on the fence after the price fell down to just above $1.04 per coin.

NRG released its long awaited EarnDrop payout which sent the price at a downward spiral. However NRG has been bouncing back.

NRG has a very strong community base of die hard supporters just like you would see within the BTC community.

Screen shot was taken from the coinbase app. While coinbase does not support all crypto they do allow you to see the prices and trends.

Will the price go back up?

I honestly think we are headed to the moon and beyond with NRG right now. The team at Energi has shown time and time again just how easily they can rally the support of the community.

The have turned nonbelievers into believers with the massive EarnDrop. Energi really knows how to impress their supporters.

The Energi EarnDrop like most of its kind consisted of various task which would reward you x amount of NRG for completion.

After Energi reviewed all of the submissions they received, the team decided to issue the full reward to everyone that joined whether they had earned the full amount.

They even paid out for referrals on top of using 100 NRG to everyone. Yes. I am one the many lucky Energi followers who received the full 100 NRG.

What will I do with my NRG?

Every since I have begun venturing out into the world of crypto I have kept a few different wallets that I maintain and check frequently.

The theory I have is that one of these crypto currencies will eventually surpass BTC in value and lead the way into a new horizon.

I have chosen to store a certain amount of NRG I received into my vault for safe keeping. Then I used 9 NRG in order to test KuCoins services.

I like to test exchanges before I use them. I done a micro transaction to ensure I would be able to load money onto KuCoin and then sell and withdraw the funds.

The process went smoothly as anticipated from start. The exchange has been reccommended by Energi so it was very easy for me to trust KuCoin.

Where is the rest of my Energi?

I bet you would like to know, wouldn’t you? I can’t give away all of my information for free. Who I am kidding? I believe knowledge is power that should be shared freely.

So, after my test run came back trustworthy I transferred my remaining balance to KuCoin in order to stake my NRG. I will be getting a daily return for holding my NRG with KuCoin.

I will also be supporting the day to day operations of NRG by staking my NRG which will help grow the community as well.

Sign up for KuCoin today to purchase and stake your Energi!

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