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Welcome back again, today is the day of my back surgery. So what do I do as I am patiently waiting on the surgeon to begin the procedure? Other then continue researching different companies and write this article in regards to Etoro an online exchange? Nothing.

I am dedicated to the Crypto Community along with the Making Money Online Community. I enjoy writing these articles about companies that are booming in the crypto industries and offering Free Crypto in order to gain more users.

Etoro has been patiently waiting on a list of sites to be reviewed. I figured I would take this time here and write about them. I have been keeping a close eye on Etoro for some time now. They have really caught my attention with their Copy Trading feature they offer. You can sit back and watch your investments grow at the risk of someone else. 

That part is scary to think about. You could potentially lose your entire investment due to a miss calculation by the trader you are copying. However if that trader continues to see a return on every trade then so will you. Now maybe you are one of those lucky people who always see the right time to jump into a market and then the right time to pull out all at once.

You can become a Copy Trader on Etoro by simply submitting an application. I haven’t researched the application process of that. However I would have to naturally assume that you would have to have an active account as well as having a proven track record on Etoro. The benefit of being a Copy Trader that other traders can copy is getting a kick back from Etoro for all of your followers.

Etoro currently supports over 15 Crypto Currencies to trade and buy. That isn’t a bad start into the world of Crypto Exchanges. They do have a $50 minimum withdrawal amount and no fee associated with the withdrawal which is respectable. Etoro doesn’t charge a fee when you send or receive Crypto however you still have the blockchain Fees which we all know that you can’t escape those pesky little fees.

Now the reason why I signed up for Etoro as most of you have already guessed by now is the $50 Free they give you after your first deposit which has allowed me to play around with the copy trader feature which as I have said has had my attention since I first heard of it. I am still learning the ropes a little bit. However the usability of the site is a breeze. 

Overall functionality is good. Simple to understand instructions as well as guided tutorials for those who prefer that method. Myself on the other hand, I just like to jump in and figure it out on my own. Now lets talk about how you can make up to $500 using Etoro and telling your friends about them.

The most important step is to sign up with our promotional link and verify your account, once you have verified your account you will need to make a deposit of at least $50 or more. Provided the person who refers you has done the same as well you then will receive your $50 sign up bonus within 7 days. Other requirements are listed as follows below and these are the terms and conditions listed from the Etoro company site. Click our link here to sign up and get your Free $50 From Etoro

Refer a Friend Terms & Conditions July 1, 2019 Any friend of yours is a friend of ours! eToro USA LLC (“eToro” or “We”) will credit the referred friend’s real account with an extra US$50 for his/her first and single deposit of at least US$50 whenever the below qualifying terms have been met. We will credit the referring friend’s funded real account with US$50 whenever the below qualifying terms have been met. The rewards to the referring friend and the referred friend shall be defined herein as “ Rewards ”. The Rewards will be credited to both the referring and referred friends’ accounts within approximately seven (7) days after the qualifying terms have been met, and we will contact you by email once the process is complete. The “Refer a Friend” promotion, is subject to the following qualifying terms: 1. Your referred friend is required to meet all the following terms : (a) a NEW eToro customer; (b) who has NOT registered with one of eToro’s websites or mobile apps prior to the referral; (c) who has, within 30 calendar days of the date of first clicking the “Refer a Friend” link, completed his/her registration with eToro; (d) who has completed his/her account verification and first time single deposit of at least $US50. 2. Both the referring and referred friends must meet all of the following additional terms : (i) be residents of one of the Eligible States listed in Appendix A to these Terms; (ii) be fully verified by eToro pursuant to its policies and procedures; (iii) deposit at least $US50 in their eToro account. Customers of other eToro entities (outside of the U.S.) shall not be entitled to participate in this promotion, either as referring or referred friends. 3. The Reward under this Promotion is available once to the referred friend and up to 10 times to the referring friend . In each case, the limitation shall apply per account, person, means of payment, household and/or any environment where computers are shared. 4. A referred friend who has not completed registration with eToro within 30 days of first clicking the “Refer a Friend” link, will not be eligible for the Reward unless he/she clicks on the “Refer a Friend” link again and completes registration within 30 days thereafter. 5. The “Refer a Friend” promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other promotions, discounts or promo codes, unless otherwise stated . 6. We reserve the right to stop, deny, withhold or withdraw any promotion at our sole discretion at any time. In addition, if we suspect that a user (whether alone or with others) has manipulated or abused (or attempted to do so) a promotion and/or Rewards and/or otherwise acted in bad faith towards us, then, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to take the following actions with respect to any such user and/or to any person we consider is acting in concert with such user: (i) temporarily or permanently block, suspend or terminate the Services or any portion thereof and close the Account, and/or (ii) remove and/or deduct any Reward which might have been granted to such user (taking into account any loss sustained which will be fully recognized); and/or (iii) remove and/or deduct any profits gained by such user as a result of such manipulation or abuse, including by closing any open positions in the applicable account(s), and/or (iii) deny, withhold or withdraw from that user such promotion and any future promotion. For the avoidance of doubt, in such circumstances, Rewards or any other bonus granted to such user and any profit or gains obtained by such user may be withheld, while any loss suffered by such user will be recognized and sustained. We reserve the right to amend, retract and/or cancel any and all Promotions at any time. The promoter is eToro USA LLC, a company formed in Delaware. Appendix A eToro USA LLC Refer A Friend Promotion Terms and Conditions As of July 1, 2019 Participants residing in the following states and territories are eligible to participate in the promotion: Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut District of Columbia Florida Georgia Idaho Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Maine Marianas Is. Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Mississippi Missouri Montana New Jersey New Mexico North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Texas US Minor Is Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

These terms and conditions can also be viewed on the Etoro Site Here

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