How to make money online with affiliate programs

Affiliate Programs

Hello, if you are reading this blog you are most likely wanting to start making money online with affiliate programs or you have already begun or possibly you are already an expert. Either way your due diligence in your research has landed you in the right place.

I don’t want to give you the false illusion that you will read this blog and then all of a sudden start making thousands of dollars online with affiliate programs. The truth is it takes work!

However you will be headed in the right direction with the correct information to build a solid foundation for your site or blog and begin to live your dream.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the need for constant research as everything online is constantly evolving and ever changing. I know by now you are hyped up and ready to get down to it.

So, for the purpose of this blog post we are going be working on the pretence of making money online while blogging using affiliate programs. I would highly recommend using one of the blog sites below to start with.

WordPress: They have an easy to use interface, one of the most popular blogging communities online. Affordable prices and a ton of templates to make your blog stand out in the midst of millions of blogs.

Publish0x: I have recently started using this site to host a blog, in fact I am currently writing this blog using Publish0x. Yup, that’s correct. I tend to recommend the products and services that I personally use. You can also receive tips from the community. By the way thank you very much for the tips and support I have received since becoming a part of the community.

I know they have a ton of other services that you can use and they may be great as well. However I only recommend services I personally use. Now if you want to go ahead with more of a hands on approach I reccomend the following hosting companies.

IPages: They have decent prices on domain names, average pricing on hosting services. I am not a fan of the interface they use.

1and1: They are my preferred provider for purchasing domain names and hosting services. I would recommend them over the others.

Godaddy: They are not the best and by far not the worst I have dealt with. I do like the user interface, customer service is pretty decent.

Now moving along to naming your site or blog. You foremost want to think about your main intentions here. What kind of products are you going to be recommending here? What type of services are you recommending here?

Now that your mind is made is made up you should start to think like the audience you are trying to appeal to. What would they type into a Google search engine to find you?

Now that you have gathered that data you can use several different sources to find keyword phrases along with the search volume for each of these phrases. I recommend if at all possible using one the phrases with a decent search volume to name your site and rank for if at all possible.

I would also advise you to start ranking your site or blog using the keywords or phrases with least amount of competition and work your way up the list to the more difficult keywords and phrases within your niche.

I am assuming you know a bit already about how to optimize your page for keywords, if not I will be providing another blog post that goes deeper into Search Engine Optimization what it is and why you need it.

However for now we want to start producing content for your blog or site within your niche. You still have all of your previous research, right? You can take those keyword phrases and use them for ideas to blog about.

You can also visit Ask The People and input your keyword phrase to come up with blogging ideas. For instance I put the keyword “Make Money Online” and one of the suggestions that comes out is “How To Make Money Online” which obviously is a subject that I have been doing research on for 20 years now.

Now that you know the topic you are about to research and write your first blog post about you may be asking yourself now. How am I going to make money with this subject? That is the easy part, believe it or not.

You want to go through an find all of the related products and or services that relate to the topic that you are about to blog about. Always remember that beyond offering products and services to your audience above all you should provide them with high quality content.

I have listed below some of the top places I use to find decent affiliate programs. Now, I know not everyone is capable of purchasing and using every single product or service they mention in a blog post but it sure does make it more personal.

Share-A-Sale: They have been around for a very long time and a ton of name brand companies actually use them for there affiliate programs online. They are reputable and most definitely a must have resource.

Commission Junction: They are just like the site listed above. They have been doing business online probably since before I ever knew what an affiliate program was.

Click Bank: They was actually the first service I ever used in the affiliate marketing world back when I was 13 years old trying to prove a point to my parents that you can make money online with affiliate programs. They were in shock when that check came in the mail for $150 is not much nowadays but hey, it got my point across.

Now you have your subject, your keywords that you want to work on ranking for along with the affiliate links that you are going to use in you first blog post.

I wish I could say that this every thing you will need to go forward and start making money online. However that is not the case. Now that you are on your way to having a lot high quality content for your audience they need to be able to find you. How? You may ask.

That question depends majorly upon which method you orginally picked. WordPress? Publish0x? Or was it a web hosting company?

Now if you picked Publish0x from the moment you published you first post people are already viewing your post and hopefully interacting with your post. You still need to get your blog up in the search engine results page.

Now you want to think back to the keyword phrase that you picked and use a service like Adwords and find out who all is ranked for those keywords and then use a service like SEM Rush and see where they got back links to there site that got it to rank high on the search engine results page.

Now while building back links may be time consuming and can be rather frustrating for you in the beginning please remember this step is one of the most important steps along side of high quality content.

You want to check out the sites that you’re getting links from. Are they related to your post? Are they littered with links everywhere that are not related to your content or there content? Are they selling links?

The questions above are rather important. However the last question is one the most important questions to keep in mind. Search engines such as Google crown upon sites that purchase back links.

I strongly advise against paying for links. You may be able to find a reputable company online to hire for building back links but you better keep a close eye on the backlinks they get to your site and make sure that they use white-hat methods while building backlinks.

Now that you are starting to move up the search engine results page aka SERP you will start to have steady targeted traffic and you should be seeing money coming in. I recommend at this point that you use an analytics service such as Google Analytics in order to see how your audience is getting to your site along with browsing habits.

The way they browse your site is important to know. This information allows you to optimize these pages in order to monetize your blog or site further along with providing more relevant content to your audience.

Now the big question is, do you still want to make money online with affiliate programs? I knew you would! Now with wordpress or your website you want to add a subscribe feature so that way you can gather leads and let your audience know when you release more content that would be of interest to them.

Having a email list can be one of the best ways to make money online with affiliate programs. Think about all the junk emails you get. Now think about the emails you actually signed up to get because you are interested in what they have to say. How likely are you to buy a product or service from someone you wanted emailing you?

Thanks for reading my post “How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Programs” and as always remember, build high quality content sites and they will come and you shall prosper! God bless and good luck!

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