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Nvstr is a Brokerage site that offers a valuable community to help guide you with your investments. You can follow along with top investors and copy their investments or even just your average investor that is just like you. Nvstr has a lot of useful features that I will cover for you below.

However before I dive too deep into Nvstr I want to tell you why I haven’t used them beyond the Free Money Nvstr gave me to invest in stocks on their site. I don’t believe in paying per trade. What I mean by that is we currently have a bunch of Brokerage sites that allow for fee free trading.

They do not charge commissions per trade or any type of fees. Now this is where Nvstr is behind in time. We have Webull which is the same exact concept of Nvstr however they function primary on a mobile app platform versus a website. They have the same kind of community and everything. You can learn more about Webull Here.

Nvstr likes to charge you per trade. I don’t know about you but I don’t like to pay a company for nothing. I mean really? Why should I give you $5 for each trade that I make? I like to do a lot of trades throughout the course of a day and those pesky fees add up, especially when you consider the fact that Nvstr’s competitors are offering fee free trades.

Now that I have cleared the air on how I truly feel about Nvstr if you are fine paying the trading fees and you like the layout and design of Nvstr and you want more information please continue to read below for the perks of Nvstr.

Get ideas from top performers. See popular investment ideas from your connections and the whole Nvstr community. You can also see ideas from the best performers on Nvstr. Discover new stocks and save them to your portfolio Looking for new ideas? Explore the universe of investments with data from Capital IQ and Nvstr, and find stocks based on what’s important to you.

Connect with trusted friends and other smart investors. When you connect with friends on Nvstr, you can see which investments they like – and save them to your portfolio. You can also get insightful feedback on your own investment ideas. See what new investing insights are trending in the community today. Join the conversation, and benefit from the collective experience of the Nvstr community.

Smart portfolio allocation is always one click away. Not sure how much to allocate to each stock in your portfolio? The Optimizer is constantly crunching the numbers. It’s built on independent, Nobel Prize-winning research on portfolio allocation. It finds customized allocations that optimize your risk/reward based on the investment ideas you’ve saved – and your own specific goals.

How do you get the Sign Up Bonus?

Visit Nvstr.com and click sign up. Once you complete the account registration you will automatically receive a random amount up to $1,000.00 to invest in any stock in which you choose.

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