XRP: BTC: BAT: Have You Heard of NRG?


XRP: BTC: BAT: Have You Heard of NRG?


XRP is one of the few cryptocurrencies that truthfully intrigues me. I assume it could be the internet of value, or maybe it has something to do with its ability to facilitate other transactions on its own block chain.

XRP processes 1500 transactions per second and can process your transaction within seconds. Means faster payments, no restrictions, no reverse transactions and it is a cross border currency.


Saudi Arabia and XRP?

SABB also known as Saudi British Bank was one of the first banks in Saudi Arabia to join Ripples Network in January 2018. XRP has been making some major moves in foreign countries.

The age of digital currency is nigh. We finally have a cross platform digital currency whose blockchain can facilitate transfers for other currencies. Thus including the USD.

Imagine a world of no more bounced checks, no more reversed transactions. You either have the funds or you don’t. That simple.

What Does This Mean for the Value of XRP?

The creators of XRP have designed XRP to burn itself over time with each and every single transaction that is made with XRP a set amount is burnt. The user has the option to burn more voluntarily.

Why would you want to burn more? Maybe you have an important transaction that needs to be processed immediately. You promise to burn more which puts you front of the line for your transaction to be processed first.

The value will increase over time guaranteed. When you consider the burning of XRP along with all the financial institutions that are adopting the Ripple Network. XRP suddenly becomes a no brainer investment.

What about the supply of XRP?

The creators of XRP have set aside 55 billion of XRP to be released 1 billion at the start of each month. They sell some to exchanges, institutions and give some away.

Then at the end of the month whatever is leftover goes into escrow for a 54 month period. This ensures us the supply of XRP will be readily available for some time to come.

I am not one to elaborate on other peoples theories. However it has been predicted by several sources that within a matter of a couple of years the value of XRP could be worth more then BTC currently is.

I have to say that at the price of .20 cents per XRP at this moment in time. You can buy one thousand XRP for $200 USD Now if XRP hits BTC’s current price at $7,186 USD you have then made just shy of 7.2 million dollars.

That is almost a guaranteed return. We never know for a fact what will happen but when that day comes I will still have a couple thousand sitting their.

BTC is it Overrated or Just Begun?

I for one still have faith in BTC. Although as plenty have pointed out BTC serves no purpose? I laugh at the thought of bitcoin having no purpose.

BTC is made to be a currency of it’s own. BTC lead the way for all of the cryptocurrencies that we are seeing to date. BTC is in my comparison that of gold.

BTC will continue to rise in value as it has done this entire time. I have a theory that within the next 5 years we will see BTC going for over $30 thousand plus.

I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt it from everything I know and have seen BTC has a very strong future in the world of crypto.

BAT Basic Authentication Token.

From the creators of Brave Browser comes BAT. I do not really have a ton of stuff to say about BAT. I can say that they have built a solid foundation.

They have not swayed far from where they had begun and to be completely honest. I see BAT going down in the history books as the company that revolutionized the way we browse the internet.

That is a pitch I can get behind. Our browsing data is just that, it is ours. Other companies should not be allowed to track us online and thanks to Brave. We now have options. We can be rewarded for seeing the ads we want to see.

We can send tips to the actual people online that deliver high quality content and we as a whole can help revolutionize the way future generations browse the internet.

Who has heard of Energi? NRG?

Energi, knows NRG came into my radar with the massive airdrop that has been completed for months now and has yet to be paid out.

NRG ckaims that it will make good on the airdrop this December. However the majority has lost all faith due to the lack of NRG actually delivering this far.


However NRG at first launch came out strong and went up over $5 and is now down to $1.70 as they head towards their NRG 3 launch in which they will be converting all NRG over to.

NRG has shown its ability to keep the community hyped and eagerly anticipating what is to come. Unlike any other cryptocurrency that I have encountered this far.

I believe that with the massive air drop that NRG could rally back all of the lost support and gain even more hype in order to hit over $10 dollars.

They have what it takes to move the people and keep them actively involved in the community and grow even stronger over time.

NRG also makes staking NRG using the Discord app rather easy. However not secure as we would all want to it to be.

Seems like the entire Crypto Community has overlooked NRG for far too long and see them rising from the shadows in 2020 to show us they are here for the long haul.

That or they will crash and burn? What do you think? Either way I still have a little of NRG tucked away and some put out for staking purposes.

Final Thoughts.

While the crypto community is growing at a faster rate then ever before with new coins, tokens and blockchains popping up everywhere.

I see it as a means to get behind the next BTC early on. I also anticipate seeing a lot of scammers tKing advantage of the community.

However no matter what currency we are dealing in we will see that crowd emerge. Thanks for reading, may God bless you and may we all prosper.

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